I’ve been having a rough go of things recently. I’ve been exhausted, nauseated, and sore for weeks. GeneSplice is wearing me down, quick. 

As of today, I’m 28w1d. Third trimester. And it hit me like a brick wall. Daily headaches, dizzy spells, upset stomach, and incredible round ligament pain. 

My baby shower has been scheduled for mid-August, and part of me is absolutely dreading it. The sister-in-law I posted about during wedding planning has completely avoided me since we announced the pregnancy (in January!). I had to add her to the invite list, cause “family”. But I’m honestly hoping she just doesn’t show. Wishful thinking, I guess. 

Ever since Finn and I got together, his brother (sister-in-law’s husband) has been in a one-sided competition with us. They met, got engaged, and were married all within the same year. Sister-in-law was adamant about not wanting kids just yet. And then, they found out we were trying to conceive, so they started to as well. 

Apparently, by us conceiving first, we committed the ultimate sin. Nevermind that my age was a huge factor in trying so soon. Or that we had literally no control over what cycle we were in when GeneSplice was conceived. 


25 Weeks, and other odds and ends

I hit 25 weeks Friday. I feel huge, but that’s the way it goes. GeneSplice is getting more and more active by the day. I’m feeling flips and kicks, and I swear, I think I felt him wiggling his toes last night. Finn’s been able to feel him as well. 

Onto other updates…

Last week seemed like it was a never-ending round of Murphy’s Law. It’s been raining almost non-stop (seriously,  #prayforWestVirginia), last Sunday, Finn had to replace the upper coolant hose in the truck (it looked like the radiator blew when we got home from grocery shopping that night), on Wednesday, we realized the truck’s registration had expired IN MARCH. We have absolutely zero clue how we didn’t know, or how he hadn’t been pulled over for it. We do, however, know why we never received the renewal notice: his uncle is still living at his grandmother’s and either hiding or trashing mail. If grandma sees it first, we get it, otherwise, no. So, he had to pay personal property taxes ($120, with the late fee), plus the registration fee ($62). On Thursday, my coffee maker decided to take a crap. Sooo, yeah… it was a rough time. 

But… there IS good news…

Our living room has been almost completely redecorated. Finn’s mom bought us a gently used recliner, and an entertainment center. It’s opened up our living room so much. On top of that, we found an amazing deal on an all-in-one washer/dryer. This thing is amazing. Seriously. Put the load in, add detergent, set it, and walk away. It takes care of washing AND drying. It’ll come in handy when GeneSplice makes his debut. 

Speaking of GeneSplice…

We told Finn’s parents and grandmother the name we’re planning on giving him. And they liked it. His mom even offered advice on the middle name (Sirius Orion). I think we’ve finally figured it out. 

Rant Time…

We’ve chosen a name for GeneSplice. It’s currently a secret, because we don’t want people trying to pressure us to change it. It’s not going to be very popular with Finn’s family, but we don’t care. 


  1. It’s celestial. 
  2. It has Ancient Egyptian roots. 
  3. It’s the name of one of my favorite characters, from one of my favorite book series. 

Figured it out?

Drum roll.







Sirius. As as in Sirius Black, Harry Potter’s godfather. As in the ‘Dog Star’, the brightest star seen in the North American sky, part of the constellation Canis Major. Taken from Osiris, Ancient Egyptian god/king. 

Sooo, yeah, there’s a lot of reasons behind the name. And we’re not willing to allow anyone to try to change our minds. 

20 weeks and ultrasound update 

We had our anatomy scan yesterday. Lots of good news but some things to keep an eye on. 

GeneSplice is measuring big. 94th percentile big. Two weeks ahead big. Going to be a big baby. 

Unfortunately, I have a low lying placenta, which means if it doesn’t move up on my uterine wall, a repeat c-section is unavoidable. I was hoping for a VBAC, but if it’s not possible, there’s nothing we can do about it. I go back for another ultrasound at the end of July for a growth check and to see if the placenta has moved up any. We’ll decide delivery options from there. 

We also got to find out GeneSplice’s gender. It was so blatantly obvious that I was able to announce it to Finn before the ultrasound tech. 

GeneSplice is absolutely, positively, undeniably, 100% a BOY.

I suck…

I’ve been struggling with posting pregnancy updates. Found this template, and going to try to update weekly. 

Keyword: Try 

Without further ado…

How far along? Currently 19w4d
How big is the peanut? Mango
Total weight gain/loss? Up 9lbs at last weight in
Maternity clothes? Just lots of formally baggy clothes
Sleep? Depends on the night. 
Best moment this week? Feeling/seeing GeneSplice move from the outside. 
Symptoms? Not many. I forgot I’m pregnant until GeneSplice kicks me. 
Food cravings? Meat and veggies
Food aversions? Sweets make me wanna vomit
Gender? Hopefully we’ll find out Thursday
Labor signs? Way too early for that
Belly button in or out? In
What I miss? Not much, really. 
What I’m looking forward to? Anatomy Scan Thursday 
Milestones? Halfway to term. 
Bump? No bump pic this post, I look like a troll. 

Crocheting for GeneSplice

My hands have been itching to get to work on crocheting for Baby since the test turned positive. I tired to wait until we found out gender, but the urge to crochet became too strong when I found some white and grey ombre yarn.  I didn’t like the “neutral” baby yarns, but fell in love with the yarn I’d found. 

My plan is to continue with this pattern, and then use either pink or blue for a border when we find out gender next week. 

Prophetic Dreams.

I don’t want to go into the details of the dreams just yet, but there have been two dreams during this pregnancy thus far that have (sorta) come into fruition. Let’s just say both times it involved negative interactions with two people who are not actively involved in my life, but rather on the sidelines, and can cause major headaches. 

The dreams and reality didn’t align perfectly, but in hindsight the dreams alerted me to an upcoming shitstorm. 

At this point, I’m of the mindset that I need to start being more aware of these dream altercations, and come up with solutions to prevent the foreshadowed shitstorm.

Let’s just add more to the pregnant lady’s already overactive anxiety levels. 

Fifteen Week Bump Pic

I feel huge. Taken on 15w4d.

Fifteen Weeks Today

No pics yet. 

Sooo… in an effort to educate myself  (and make myself feel better about my failure to breastfeed Z), I just looked up the average amount to pump at one week postpartum. 

One once. One freaking once. Ugh! Z was born by emergency c-section, so I attributed my “failure to produce” to the narcotic pain relievers and being small busted. 

Guess how much I was able to pump after a feed when Z was a week old. 

Go on. Guess. 

One once. Per boob.

I wasn’t underproducing. If anything, I was on the high-end of average. It was lack of support that caused me to fail to breastfeed. 

That makes me feel infinitely better about waiting to breastfed GeneSplice. 

Fourteen Weeks!

It’s been a hectic few weeks. I was referred to a high risk OB because of my age. Ultrasound and blood work put me at low risk of any genetic birth defects, and I go back in a couple weeks for a redraw. 

GeneSplice is surprisingly active. I’m not feeling full on movement just yet but friendly definitely feeling flutters. GeneSplice seems to like to curl up in the upper right side of my uterus. A couple weeks ago, I felt the tell-tell pressure, and when I looked, there was a very obvious bump on that side of my abdomen. I showed Finn, because I’d been trying to explain it to him for a few days. 

During my ultrasound on 12w5d, Baby was extremely active. Sticking their tongue out, covering their face, even at one point doing what I called a “frog kick” (kicking both legs at the same time). 

Ultrasounds these days are A LOT more detailed than when I was pregnant with my boys. We got to see all ten fingers, all ten toes, lobes of the brain, ect. The only thing we didn’t get to see was gender. But at 12w5d, that particular part of Baby’s anatomy isn’t developed enough to see. 

Because it’s us, of fucking course, there has to be a dark cloud on our excitement; Finn’s brother and sister-in-law started trying to conceive when they found out we were trying. So guess who’s pissed off and jealous because we got pregnant “so quick” (notsomuch, we were actually on the cycle most doctors recommend to start testing). Within three months of trying, Finn’s brother thinks he’s sterile because it hasn’t happened for them yet. Well, ok then. Trying to explain to these people that out can take UP TO A YEAR for a healthy couple to conceive is like pulling teeth. Nevermind trying to explain that you only have about a 20% chance each cycle. 

I’m dreading Easter, because after the way Finn’s sister-in-law looked at me during wedding planning, it’ll probably be ten times worse as my bump expands. I’m already noticeably pregnant, even to strangers, so there’s no “sucking it in” when I’ll be 16 weeks (four months).

I’ll **try** to start posting weekly updates. 

No promises.