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The past few days have been extremely overwhelming. Friends keep checking up on me. I’m as OK as I’m going to be until we know what we’re dealing with.

They’ve been taking X-rays and CT scans almost daily. And while ordinarily so much exposure to radiation would freak me out, when dealing with cancer, it could only help. Our roommate and I were joking around last night, saying if it was just the cancerous cells, he’d be cured by the time he gets released. Wishful thinking, huh?

What worries me the most is that he’s always told me he’d never do treatments if he was diagnosed with cancer. Now that he’s actually facing it, I think his conviction is slipping. I asked him the other night if he still felt the same. He said we’d have to wait and see what they say. All I can do is be supportive of whatever he decides to do.

I’m clinging to a glimmer of hope. Even with all the CT scans and X-rays, they haven’t found a tumor. I just want to know exactly what we’re dealing with. I want him home.



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