Monthly Archives: April 2015


Tonight will be my last night in this house. Tomorrow, we’re moving my stuff into storage, Z’s father is picking him up (and is keeping him until I can get back up on my feet), and Finn and I will be staying at a friend’s house, at least until Tuesday.



Long Time, No Post

I’ve been keeping myself busy with packing through the week, and spending weekends with Finn. As of about 2am on Sunday March 22nd, Finn and I are officially in a relationship.

After Finn got off work Monday, he picked me and Z up to go to Walmart to get my prescription and to pick up something for dinner.

When he dropped us back off, he came in to meet Scott. Yes, my new boyfriend met my ex boyfriend, who I’m still currently living with. It wasn’t nearly as awkward as it could have been. They talked about the Scott’s cancer, his future plans, etc.

Meanwhile, I’m standing in the kitchen, wondering if my life could get any weirder.

I feel extremely blessed right now, because Finn is incredibly understanding that I still care very deeply about Scott, and that this isn’t a normal breakup.

Bozo and I are supposed to go apartment hunting again tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes. Z doesn’t have school and Finn just found out he’s off because it’s Good Friday. Gonna be a good weekend.