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Complete and Utter Shock…

I… I don’t even know…


One of my favorite places in the world caught fire early (around 0315) this morning.

Harpers Ferry Historic District was my home away from home during the spring of 2014. My boys and I were there at least once a week. To see pictures of it up in flames breaks my heart. So. Much. History.

Thankfully, none of the NPS museums were damaged. However, the picnic area where me and my boys used to sit and eat lunch is a charred mess. I’ve spent a good portion of the day near tears.

The buildings that burned predate the Civil War.


I just don’t know what else to say… 

My boys are going to be devastated.


Scott Update

We haven’t talked too much in the past few months, but he’s been updating me on his progress.

He did his last chemo treatment on July 6th, and the follow up scan showed that the cancer slowed, and the tumors shrank.

Looking back, I can see that he did the right thing. Yeah, it hurt, but now I’m looking at things as an outsider. I worked through the pain of the breakup while still having his friendship. It would have been a million times harder to deal with the pain of his death.

I thank God he did things the way he did. It gave me time to process the loss, and it allows him to see me happy before he does pass.

Time Flies…

Time seems to have gotten away from me again…

Today marks four months since Finn and I made it official, and next Tuesday will mark five months since we met. A lot has happened in the past four months. Our relationship has truly been put to the test, and we’re proving how strong it really is. With him, it’s easy. Just being with him makes me smile.

With him, things are different. He hasn’t just eased me out of my comfort zone, he’s broken down every wall I had built up. He gets away with more than anyone else ever has. He’s constantly just blowing through my phobias. He’s the only one to ever get away with any of it.

It’s him. From the first night we met, it’s been him. From that first hug. I remember putting my head on his chest and feeling safe. No one else ever came close to making me feel like I did in that moment. For the first time in weeks, I’d felt as though everything was going to be okay.

I fell for him that night.

Breaking my own rules

Finn and I have a running debate that he’s biased when he says I’m beautiful.

His evidence is all the compliments I received when we went out Sunday night.

I have zero evidence on the contrary, just extremely low self esteem.

So, I’m breaking my own rule and posting a pic of myself from Sunday….


This is me. The woman behind the words.