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Judgey McJudgerson

Yes, I’m being a judgmental bitch (something I absolutely loathe), but it has to be said…

One of my “friends” just got engaged to the third man in the past six months. This, on the heels of getting kicked out of her mother’s house, losing her kids, and living in a homeless shelter.

Several of her friends, myself included, have voiced our concerns about this. Their answer to this? Block everyone who shows concern, because we’re being “dramatic” and “negative”.

Let’s see here…

She lost her kids,
Her mom kicked her out,
She’s living in a homeless shelter,
And her solution is to get engaged to the first man she meets?

Is it just me, or are her priorities seriously fucked up??

She’s a user, plain and simple. Drugs, money, sex. Whatever it is she wants at that moment. She’s so “happy and in love” with her new “rich” fiancé, and yet she called and asked one of my friends for money the other night.

I feel sorry for her kids. They deserve so much better than a dope head mother.


I got lucky…

I’ve never posted about them before, but I simply adore Finn’s family. They’ve welcomed Z and I with open arms. They don’t treat us like we’re newcomers. They treat us like we’re a part of the family.

They call me their daughter in law and sister in law. They don’t just support Finn and I getting married, they encourage it. They want Z and I to become part of the family.

After my experience with STBXH’s mother and sister, I feel like I’ve hit the in law jackpot with Finn’s family.

Snow Fun…

Well…  the accumulation totals have come in and… we got the worst of the entire blizzard. Forty-two inches. Forty-two inches of snow. It was a record breaking storm.


Less than halfway into the storm...

No school yesterday, no school today, and I doubt if they’ll have school tomorrow.

Definitely a doozy for the first snowfall of the season.

An Open Letter to My Husband’s New Girlfriend

((This is too good not to share))
(Posted with permission from author)

I heard that you want the divorce finalized so he can “put it behind” him.

Trust me, I want nothing more than for it to be over. The divorce can (and will!) be finalized, but the hurt he caused will remain.

I wonder what he’s told you of me?

Some of it true no doubt, but I doubt he’ll clue you in on what he did that caused me to act the way I did.

I’m sure you feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now, but I can promise you that won’t last long.

Soon you’ll see the man I knew. The man who sought out anonymous relationships online when I needed him most. The man who choose to jerk off to a woman online rather than have sex with his wife. He called it a fantasy life, and blamed me for it. The man that hid me for over a year. If anyone asked, I was his cousin.

Did he tell you about the month we spent with no electricity because he spent all our money on Amazon? Did he tell you that he NEVER had a job our entire marriage, but relied on my wages and his meager earnings  from computer work to make ends meet? Did he tell you he lost the house because I left? That I paid the rent after I moved out?

Do you know how embarrassing it is to have friends and family send you links and pictures of his online dating profiles?  Again, my fault. Because “if you look for something, you’ll find something.”

Uhh… not if it’s not there.

Nothing’s ever his fault. It was mine. Or our landlord’s. Or my friends’. Or my father’s. It was always someone else’s fault. Never his.

He uses others to build himself up, and disposes of them when they no longer feed his ego. When something didn’t go his way, he’d throw a temper tantrum. Stomping his foot once when the internet got shut off. Breaking his tablet another time. Throwing a bowl of food on the floor when someone asked him a question about a surprise party.

For your sake I hope he’s changed, but men like him never do. Narssicists never do.

I also hope you can handle his nosey, overbearing mother and his lazy, self absorbed sister who gets pissed if her or her daughter aren’t the center of attention.


The Woman Who’s Moved On and Up

Good News, Bad News…

Well,  I’ll start with the good news, since it’s the cause of the bad news…

Finn bought a truck! It’s so pretty…


Because we had to pool all of our resources for the down payment, we’re completely strapped for cash for the next few weeks, at least.

You know what that means…

I don’t have the money to pay the court fees for the divorce. I’m going to have to refile when we get our finances in order.

Priorities. The car is done, and we can’t not have a vehicle.


If it’s not one thing, it’s another…

I have to either get a notarized letter saying Finn pays the rent and utilities here to the courthouse to have my fees for the divorce waived, or pay $170. By Wednesday. Or I have to completely refile.

Yeah… problem is Finn’s car broke down on his way to work yesterday. Caput. It’s done. No car, no transportation to get to the courthouse.

Essentially, I’m fucked. Unless we can figure out transportation to the courthouse AND to either a bank or UPS Store to have a letter notarized by Wednesday.

I’m upset. I really, really just want this divorce over with. I want to truly have my life back.

My Heart Hurts..

This morning, when I logged onto Facebook I saw the news that Alan Rickman has passed away. He had been battling cancer secretly.

The perfect Professor Snape.


((Auto correct, are you trying to kill me on this post??? Morning was corrected to mourning, and perfect was corrected to prefect))

Been Busy…

I reopened my business page on Facebook, and here it is a week later, and I’m already up to 14 orders. Damn.

Twelve for scarves and two hats. It’s been overwhelming.


Twelve skull scarves. Takes 12 of these

2016 is shaping up to be a pretty damn good year so far.

Finn and I are doing great. I fall even more in love with him every day.  I can’t believe I’ve been so blessed to have him in my life. He’s amazing to me, and even more so to Z. I love watching them interact. Finn’s been more of a father to Z than his bio-dad, who is pretty much just a “holiday dad”, as in he only sees Z on school breaks. Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break, and summer vacation. He had him last spring break,  which means Z probably won’t see his bio-dad for another six months.