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I went to school with a murderer…

Last Thursday evening, my Facebook feed was filled with posts about a shooting in a subdivision in the next county over. The county I grew up in. Details were scarce at first, but it didn’t take long for rumors to start…

“Duck” was the shooter.
“Duck” shot someone?
No way.
That’s not the “Duck” I knew.

Well…  As it turns out, the rumors were true in this case. “Duck” really did shoot someone. And it was worse than the rumors. He shot a man execution style. Once while he was standing, and once or twice more once he hit the ground.

He took off. Went into hiding. Meanwhile, his brother, “Juice”, and a third person that was there were both arrested as accomplices. The cops had the development on lock down Saturday night, searching houses of his friends and family. They didn’t find him until Sunday morning, about a half mile away from the development.

He’d been hiding out in the woods. He walked out and surrendered to police. Rumors (again) said that he had seven guns and wanted a shootout with the police. That’s honestly what I was expecting. Suicide by cop. What made him change his mind? I’ll probably never know. Maybe it’s because we live in such a small town, and he grew up with the police he’d be shooting at?

This just doesn’t mesh with the “Duck” I knew in school. He was a jokester. Always laughing.

What can make someone change so drastically in 16 years?

In short (and looking at his criminal record); drugs. Heroin, to be specific. Our area is in the middle of a heroin epidemic. Apparently, the worst in the country. Too many lives being lost. So far, in 2016, there have been close to 20 fatal overdoses (those are just the ones that have been published), and the non-fatal ones are in the 100s.

Still… I never would have expected the name of a former classmate to be connected to the words “First Degree Murderer”.


Can’t Keep Up…

Facebook is a disturbing place these days. To the point of me almost deleting my account. I’ve gotten into countless arguments, been called “libtard” and “perverted” because of my views on transgenders in the restroom they identify with.

Guess what? I.don’ if a transwoman were to use the stall next to me in a public restroom. I care about her safety. She is at risk of assault if she’s forced to use the restroom based on her genitals. I don’t think anyone should have to choose between the risk of arrest versus the risk of assault.

I gave up commenting. It pisses me off hearing the nasty things people spew about the LGBTQ community. A person is a person, is a person, is a person. We ALL deserve equal rights, not just the majority.

Just let them pee in peace. Why is that such a hard concept?

I am an ally.
I’ll pee with you