Bridezilla in 3. 2. 1…

I’ll be so fucking happy once this wedding is done. 

Finn’s family is driving me bat shit crazy. If it’s not FSIL trying to get too involved, it’s FMIL complaining about one thing or another. If it’s not FMIL shitting on all of our ideas, it’s Finn’s brother complaining about having to wear a boutoneer. 

After him and his mom guilted Finn into naming him as best man. Seriously? He’s complaining about the requested attire for a role he guilted Finn into giving him. That’s LITERALLY the number one job of everyone in the bridal party. SHOW UP WEARING THE REQUESTED ATTIRE. Don’t fucking complain about it. Damn. 

FSIL has gone radio silent after our conversation about what she wants to wear. It’s beyond hope. No one’s going to talk to her about how inappropriate it is to intentionally match the bridal party. Either no one understands, or they don’t care. 

My vote goes for the latter. 

I posted a simple question on Facebook to see if anyone else was of my sister’s opinion, that it’s inappropriate to ask ceremony guests not to post pictures until after our arrival at the reception. 

Most agreed with me, that it’s not too much to ask. 

FMIL’s opinion however…

 Wow this is becoming too much

Followed by…

Look I am going to take pictures I don’t care what Finn says and if u guys have a problem with that I just won’t come

That was followed up by a phone call from her asking why not everyone will be invited to the ceremony. I tried to explain that both Finn and I suffer from social anxiety, and wanted to keep the ceremony private and intimate, but still wanted to share at least part of the day with our friends. 

Ugh… NOW she’s complaining that the reception will be too big, and we won’t have enough food for everyone. 

There’s no winning with this family. 

I did the math after the phone call. Not including children, the ceremony will have 24 guests (including wedding party), and the reception will have 36 guests. Including all children, our guest list count jumps to 53 people. And that’s IF (huge, major, IF) everyone invited shows up. Which I highly doubt they will. 

Still, not a big wedding, despite what she says. That’s smaller than most of the family get togethers my parents hosted when I was growing up. 

Next up: FMIL wants granddaughters soon.  Granddaughters, not grandsons. She wants me to have twin girls. Oh, but wait six months after going off birth control, because that’s how long it takes to get out of your system. 

Ummm. No. It takes 2-3 days. That’s what your period is when you’re on birth control. Withdrawal bleed. It may take awhile for your body to figure out WTF it’s doing, but the hormones are out of your system within days. 

I’ve been off my BCPs since May, and have had two normal cycles since (I chart). My last period even indicated that my body has figured out what it’s supposed to be doing. 


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  1. do keep in mind it is truly the responsibility of the groomsmen, bridesmaid, best man, and matron of honor to complain about what they have to wear. the bride will look drop dead gorgeous and groom will be dapper if not stunning. meanwhile, the rest of the wedding party is likely wearing something they wouldn’t be caught dead in the other 364 days of the year.
    the goal for our bridesmaids’ dresses is that they would be used after the wedding. those dresses would never see the light of day, again. if those dresses really fit the bill, those dresses would have regularly appears in pictures after the wedding.
    my dad had to wear a tux for his wedding. he considered them pretentious and high-class. that was the last time he was ever seen in a tux. he made it clear to each of three three children that got married that he would not be wearing a tux.
    so, yes it perfectly normal for the wedding party to whine and complain about what they have to wear. tell them to suck it up; it only for a day. remind them is could be worse. they could be wearing bikinis and chainmail.


    • Literally the only thing we’ve asked is that their wardrobe fit within the color scheme (pink, grey, navy blue), of their own choice. No tuxes, no suits, no hideous bridesmaid dresses. I requested her to find something pale pink that she would be comfortable in. I got lucky in that pink is her favorite color. 😀

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  2. it’s also a requirement if the fmil to be a pita. it’s a struggle. they don’t want to lose control of their little boy. keep in mind they really lost control of there little boy years ago. this is a two way pull on who’s the strongest. keep in mind
    this is a test. this is only a test beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


    • I told him I’m dealing with my family, he can deal with his own.

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      • that work…for the most part. it can break down when soon to be husband is pushed into a role of go between. acceptance is key. like when i forgot the rings, sent a friend, couldn’t find it pre-cellular days, had to backup the church, was redirected, went back, found the rings and got them to the church with 10 minutes to spare.
        i know you want a perfect day. it’s your day and worthy of it. i can understand your frustration when it seems to have steered of course. i will offer a suggestion; you can go for a perfect day but know there will be hiccups along the way. when those hiccups come up, simply say,”on yah, those hiccups are suppose to happen.” the continue on, a little less stressed, towards your perfect day.


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