Monthly Archives: December 2017

Called It…

As I said in this post, I knew my birthday would be forgotten. 

I didn’t get a phone call or anything from my dad. I got a “happy birthday” from one sibling, one cousin, and one aunt. Nothing from the rest of my family. 

From Finn’s family, I got a generic “happy birthday” from his mom. While SIL got “happy birthday. We’re so happy to have you as a daughter.” Now, she’s a daughter-in-law as well. 

And that was AFTER I’d made a post thanking everyone for the birthday wishes. Which, Finn’s brother commented on. Yay? The only reason I wasn’t forgotten was because I reminded them. 

As of now, I’m dead set on not going up there for Christmas. Finn can go if he wants, but I refuse to subject myself to the blatant favoritism anymore. Nope. Not doing it. I’d rather sit at home alone than go up there and feel as though I’m an outsider on what is already an emotional holiday for me.  


‘Tis the Season…

For ear infections. Oh joy. 

I sit here with a peice of cotton shoved in my ear to hold in my Rx steroid ear drops and wait for the ibuprofen to kick in. 

Same shit, different year. This time last year my ear infection was so bad my ear canal was nearly swollen shut. I’m playing it by ear (ha!), to see if things are going to right themselves or if I have another visit to urgent care in my future. Ibuprofin, allergy pills, ear drops, and benadryl at bedtime is my current protocol. I’m hoping things will right themselves so I don’t end up needing yet another round of antibiotics. 

… And So It Begins…

Ugh. I popped the egg 10 days ago (translation: I’m 10 Days Post Ovulation, or 10DPO), and I’m symptom spotting. Every little thing, I’m thinking “omg, I’m ___ that’s a symptom of pregnancy,” then my rational brain takes over and says “yeah, but it’s also a PMS symptom, quit freaking out, you’re not pregnant.” 😂😂😂

TTC is one helluva mind fuck. I know getting pregnant at my age, and with my history,  is a long shot. It’s gonna be one helluva ride. Thank goodness Finn is so amazing about it all. I told him from day one, there’s a minimal chance I’d ever be able to make him a father. It is what it is.

Even if I’m not 100% sure if it was me or XH, the inability to get pregnant with XH is still a part of my medical history. Only time will tell at this point.