Cast of Characters

This is the list of people I will possibly talk about on this blog

*Note: Names are pseudonyms.

Tamma ~ That’s me.

Finn ~ My husband, also referred to as “New Guy” got engaged on 5/6/17, married on 10/7/17

GeneSplice ~ Finn and my offspring that I’m currently gestating. Gender not currently known. Due September 14th. 

H” ~ My oldest son

Z” ~ My youngest son

FIL” ~ Finn’s father

MIL” ~ Finn’s mother

K ~ My Aunt

T ~ My Aunt’s husband

A ~ A good friend from high school

Scott ~ That’d be the ex-boyfriend. Diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma, and broke up with me as a result. Passed away 8/22/16

Scott#2 ~ My ex-boyfriend’s best friend

E” ~ Scott’s daughter, also a friend of mine.

STBXH ~ My soon-to-be-ex-husband, as of 2/23/17, he is officially my ex-husband (XH)

Uncle Bozo ~ My oldest friend.

Dad ~ My father, obviously.

ESM” ~ Evil Step-Mother, my father’s wife.

J” ~ A high school friend.

C” “S” & “L” ~ My girls.

Q-Ball or just “Q” ~ A good friend.

Captain ~ A reenactor friend.

JT ~ A friend from work

SIL ~ Finn’s brother’s wife

PsychoSister ~ my youngest sister, believed to have a Cluster B personality disorder, but refuses treatment. 

OS ~ oldest of my two sisters.

I’ll add more as they become involved.


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