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Dad met Scott

My Dad finally met Scott last night. I was all nerves all day yesterday anticipating their meeting. And, as it turns out, it was completely unnecessary. I’d worked myself up over it. Plus, it also doesn’t help that I’d told my father of my nervousness, and when my Dad asked why, I told him “He’s special.”

**Face palm**

What the actual fuck was I thinking? It made me sound like a lovestruck teenager.

I’m not gonna lie, the age difference was a huge concern for me. Again, it was completely unnecessary. When Scott explained it to my Dad, he said “Age is a number,” or something to that effect. Ugh… seriously, I spent nearly five months worrying about this, and that’s what happened?


Random Thoughts Tuesday 10/21


After dealing with one of the worst migraines I’ve ever had all day, I’m finally starting to feel somewhat human again. Although, the weird taste/smell sensation is sticking with me. Scott was taking care of me all afternoon. Running to the store to get me medicine and cigarettes, and making me an ice pack for my neck (which, to my surprise, DOES work). It’s the little things that make me love and appreciate him that much more. He really gets me, and has from the moment we met. It’s amazing, how much he knows about me, without me telling him. He pays attention to everything. I was sad to see him go to work tonight, we haven’t seen much of each other the past few days, with his hunting trips and my hiking trip yesterday.

I talked to my Dad last night, and finally mustered up the courage to bring up the age difference between Scott and I. It went much better than expected. He’s not exactly happy that my boyfriend is only five years younger than him, but as long as I’m happy and being treated well, he’s OK with it. I couldn’t have hoped for it to go much better. At least he’s supportive. That’s all I can really ask for.

Despite the migraine and missing Scott this morning, I’ve had a much better day emotionally than I’ve been having recently. I’m hoping this means I’m on the upward swing, and that I won’t sink back into the depression tomorrow. I guess I’ll just have to watch for the signs. There’s not much else I can do, I guess.

Wish me luck…

With my Dad less is usually more, so when I first told him about Scott, I left out most of the details. I called him from work on my lunch shift.

Me -“Dad, I’m moving out of the cottage.”

Dad -“Is STBXH moving with you?”

Me – “No, it’s just me and the boys. I’m leaving STBXH.”

Dad – “Where are you moving to?”

Me – “To *****burg.” (Omitted for anonymity)

Dad – “Who are you moving in with?”

Me – “My friend E’s dad.”

Dad – “Is he married?”

Me – “No.”

Dad – “Be careful then.”

Me – “I know, Dad, I’m a big girl.”

That was it, that’s all I told him originally. The truth about the relationship has since come out, but again, missing details. The major one? Our age difference. And I don’t know how my Dad’s going to react. He knows there is an age difference, but I’m not sure if he knows how big of an age difference.

I’ve decided to tell him before he meets Scott, so I we can get the initial shock out of the way. I’m notsomuch worried about them meeting, but moreso my Dad’s reaction to the age difference.  I know they’ll get along, if my Dad just gives him a chance. They have so much in common.