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Crocheting for GeneSplice

My hands have been itching to get to work on crocheting for Baby since the test turned positive. I tired to wait until we found out gender, but the urge to crochet became too strong when I found some white and grey ombre yarn.  I didn’t like the “neutral” baby yarns, but fell in love with the yarn I’d found. 

My plan is to continue with this pattern, and then use either pink or blue for a border when we find out gender next week. 


Game Plan & Finalizing Details

I talked to my dad yesterday, and knocked out the plan for Saturday. He’s going to meet us here at the house, and follow us to the park to help set up. He also broke the news that his wife may not make it to the wedding. Is it bad that I actually did a happy dance when he informed me?

Talking to my aunt and uncle, they’re going to meet up with us at the park, and follow us to the church, so my aunt can help me get ready. My cousin will also be there to help set up the pavilion. 

Including Z, there will be 9 people at the pavilion to help set up. I’m really, really hoping it doesn’t become a “to many chiefs, not enough indians” situation. 

Finn’s comment was: “You’re coordinating for the most part because I know you got a plan in your head.”

So, yeah. He firmly backs me on this. 

Meanwhile… meanwhile, his brother and sister-in-law still insist on “helping.” I don’t want or need their help. I want the reception set-up to be my family. I’ve told them their help isn’t necessary, but they refuse to take NO for an answer. 

Everyone I’ve spoken to thinks it’s weird. So, for now, Finn and I have agreed to use Bride Brain as as excuse to “forget” to give them information about the game plan. I don’t need more stress added to my shoulders on my wedding day. 

Andplusalso, future sister-in-law told me when they dropped by for an unexpected visit Sunday (that really pissed me the fuck off, I hate unannounced visitors), that she went out and bought boots. 

I’m a bad person, because I’m hoping another guest calls her on her shit. As I told Finn, she’s the one that’s going to look like a fool, because no one will believe the bride or bridesmaid copied off of a guest. 😂😂 

Oh, but wait… there’s more! (Non wedding related)

Apparently Finn’s brother tried to me in a post with a quilt he wants me to make him. 

Ummm… what?

Yes, I’m crafty. Yes, I’m good at what I do. 

I told him “I can’t sew, well, I can, but I don’t have a sewing machine.”

He then replies “Guess we need to buy you one, then.”

All. My. Fucking. Whats.

Yes, I LOVE my craft work, but I do it for me. If I want to give a gift, that’s one thing, but I DO NOT take demands. 

Fuck. That. Noise. 

Craftiness Is Complete…

… unless I decide to throw another project at myself.

I finished the last bouquet two days ago,  along with finishing the bridesmaids gifts, finished up the boutoneers/corsages, and stringing the burlap flags.

I still feel like I’m missing/forgetting something, but I just can’t put my finger on it. I plan to assemble the favor boxes today, but I still need to get stickers to seal them, but now I’m wondering if I’ve waited too long.  

We’re 23 days out, and things are looking good to be fully completed well before then. I have the feeling I won’t be getting much sleep the night before, but we’ll see. 

My Replacement Bouquet Is Done

And I love it!! It’s even better than my original. 

It turned out waaaaaay better than I was expecting. 😍

To compare, this is the original:

In addition to my new, improved bouquet, I also finished my biggest and most time consuming project for the wedding last night. No pictures at this time, but it’s a baby pink crochet shawl. 

As of now, I just have one bouquet wrap to do, and lacing the burlap flags together to make banners and I **should** be done. 

Every time I say that, the shit hits the fan. But, at 29 days out, I will say “fuck no” to anyone else that thinks they should be in the bridal party. 

Here We Go Again…

I’ve written twice about Finn’s brother and SIL  (sister-in-law) already. Here and here

While we were out shopping for wedding supplies Saturday, Finn’s mom called to ask about our plans. He told her that we were waiting to finalize the venue before we dove too far into the decorations. Fair enough. 

She goes on to say that SIL wants to help with the decorations. 



This makes me feel even more suspicious. It feels like she wants to live vicariously through me, since she never had an actual wedding and reception. 

I rolled my eyes sooo hard when Finn told me. He gets it. Our tastes are vastly different. She wants a $26k ring vs my less-than-$100 moissanite bridal set. 

We’ve been told no less than four times that she wants to help, and I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don’t want her anywhere near the crafty end of the decorations. I’ve put a lot of thought into what I want, and being naturally crafty, I don’t trust anyone else to do it to my standards. 

Yes, I realize that makes me sound like a bitch and a bridezilla, but it’s the truth. I take a lot of pride in my craft work. It’s kind of my gig. I have been paid for my creations. Once upon a time, I had two active online shops. So yeah, it’s safe to say that I’m good at what I do. 

So, onto yesterday…

I fucked up. SIL caught me in a moment of weakness (dealing with some pain from a splinter IN MY ASS. Seriously, it hurts to sit on any surface that’s not heavily cushioned. You have my permission to laugh), and I gave her the link to my Pinterest wedding board.

She’s running with it. And for some weird ass reason I’ve yet to figure out, she’s pushing bamboo cutlery. Like, fuck, let me breathe. Finn and I are paying for this whole gig out of our own pockets. 

No Pay, No Say. 

Suggestions are all well and good, but in the end, Finn and I have final say. I don’t want this wedding to become a three ring circus. My last wedding, the in-laws took over, and it ended up being almost completely the opposite of what I wanted. 

Fuck, just let us have the wedding we want. Damn. 

Still looking for volunteers for ‘red wine duty.’ 

Any takers??


Whether we get this place or not,  I’m still going through this house like a tornado,  packing ALL of our stuff. Petty or not,  I’m packing EVERYTHING, right down to the toilet paper,  paper towels,  and any and all food we’ve purchased. It’s not our job to provide anything for them. As it is,  I’m noticing that he’s getting into our canned goods, and my coffee (which I haven’t been drinking what he’s made). With a limited diet because of food sensitivities,  it’s frustrating when people finish off the foods I can actually eat. We have a limited food budget on top of that,  so it’s even more frustrating.

The more I look at the pictures from yesterday, the more I want it. Sure, it’s a trailer.  Sure,  it needs some work (mostly paint, from what I can tell), but it will be ours.


Standing in the living room, facing the kitchen

I’m excited and nervous.  I’ve never had a place that was mine.  Always living under someone else’s rules.  I mean,  yeah,  we’ll have to follow the rules of the park,  but the interior is ours.  We can decorate however we want. We can paint, and hang pictures, and change anything we want.

We fell in love with this trailer yesterday,  and we’re hoping and praying that we get it.

This waiting game is making me anxious.

I keep checking Pinterest for decoration ideas on a budget.  I know I can do a lot of the crafty stuff myself,  and I probably already have most,  if not all, supplies needed. Thank goodness, I’m a craft hoarder. LMAO.

Been Busy…

I reopened my business page on Facebook, and here it is a week later, and I’m already up to 14 orders. Damn.

Twelve for scarves and two hats. It’s been overwhelming.


Twelve skull scarves. Takes 12 of these

2016 is shaping up to be a pretty damn good year so far.

Finn and I are doing great. I fall even more in love with him every day.  I can’t believe I’ve been so blessed to have him in my life. He’s amazing to me, and even more so to Z. I love watching them interact. Finn’s been more of a father to Z than his bio-dad, who is pretty much just a “holiday dad”, as in he only sees Z on school breaks. Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break, and summer vacation. He had him last spring break,  which means Z probably won’t see his bio-dad for another six months.