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Rough day…

It’s currently 0139, and I can’t freaking sleep. My mind is racing. I had a very emotional day.

Scott and I got to talk a good bit. I cried a lot. I said the words that have been buzzing around my head and heart these past couple of weeks.

I love him. He’ll always be a part of me. I’ll never not love him. I hoped that I brought as much happiness into his life as he brought into mine. I know he doesn’t want this. He doesn’t want to hurt me. I’m trying to be strong, but sometimes I break. That I wanted something to remember him by.

He gave me a dragon charm that he always used to wear.  It’s him. He has two dragon tattoos, and I have one. I’m wearing it on the claddagh necklace he bought me when we first met.

I feel a bit better than I have been. Like I’m closer to closure. One baby step at a time.


Overwhelmed & Slightly Confused

I went to work with Scott last night, and while talking to the DJ, another guy walked up and they started talking about tattoos. And the name of the guy that did my wrist tattoo comes up…

Me: Oh, I know him. He’s my cousin’s nephew.
Guy at bar: He’s my cousin.
Me: O.O
Me: Are we related?
Guy at bar: Um.. Do you know CC?
Me: Yeah, she’s my cousin.
Guy at bar: O.O
Guy at bar: She’s my cousin, too.
Both of us: Wait… What?
DJ: Looks like you two are cousins.

How the fuck did that even happen?

He’s there with his father and a couple of cousins, so it was definitely an interesting night. Kinda like an impromptu family reunion I didn’t know I was invited to.

True to myself…

I haven’t been. This blog should be an extension of me, but it’s been watered down.

No, I still won’t reveal names or photos, but the language has been watered down compared with my usual vocabulary.

I cuss like a sailor. Heck, even some of my squid friends have had to ask me to tone it down a bit.

So…  why have I watered myself down?

Well…  I still have some respect for STBXH’s family. I know he’s read the blog, so I’m not sure if they have as well.

Guys, his mother tried to convince me to hide one of my tattoos at the wedding. That’s how conservative she is. Can you imagine her disdain if every post I wrote had healthy servings of the words “shit” “damn” and “fuck?” Her head would esplode (spelled wrong on purpose, I’m not a heathen).

Hopefully, this will allow me to post more, especially since I’ve wanted to write recently is about sex.

Did you know the less sex you have, the more you think about it? Yeah… learning that the hard way.

Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex.

Yes, please. My ladybits are feeling neglected.

Shit. Damn. Fuck.

Ah… that feels better.

Tattoos and skin contact

Is it just me, or is tattooed skin more sensitive to touch than non-tattooed skin?

I have three tattoos. One on my lower back (double dragons – not a tramp stamp), one on my right shoulder blade, and one on the inside of my left wrist. The past few months, I’ve noticed that they’re more sensitive than the surrounding skin.

I love skin contact! Even someone just running their fingertips down my arm makes me melt. Touch is just so important to me. Hug me with your hands in the back of my shirt, and I’m yours.

I’m planning on getting a phoenix tattoo on my side (eventually), and I can only imagine how sensitive that skin will end up being, since it’s already one of the most sensitive areas on my body.