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It is Wednesday, right?


It’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted “WTF Wednesday”.

Over a year, if I remember correctly.

So… here we go…

WTF, body? The Bitch wasn’t supposed to start until today. Starting yesterday was an unexpected, unwelcome surprise.

WTF, whoever tried to hack my Facebook yesterday? I can’t imagine why you’d want to hack my super exciting account. I do, however, have an idea or two as to who it was… Thank goodness, I have my phone attached to my account. I got THREE separate texts with password codes.

WTF, Facebook? I fixed the problem, and then you don’t wanna let me back in? Luckily, I’m fairly good with technology and solved the issue within minutes.

WTF, weather? Are ya trying to kill me? Forty-two inches of snow a week and a half ago, and now 2-3 inches of rain and temps in the 60s? Are you trying to drown everyone?

WTF? Just… What.The.Fuck?

Now, I just feel like being a bitch.


WTF Wednesday


WTF, ear? Seriously, another infection? Guess it’s a heating pad & hot tea kinda day.

WTF, brain? Quit playing head games with me.

WTF, 2015? Just… What. The. Fuck.

Tamma 👣

WTF Wednesday


WTF, flu? You can GTFO any time now. I miss my bed, and I miss my Scott snuggles.

WTF, weather? A wind chill of -10°F is ridiculous.

WTF, skin? Why, why does it feel like I spent a day at the beach with no sunblock to protect my Irish skin?

WTF Wednesday 11/5


WTF, knee? Why are you still hurting?!? Please don’t make me have to give up hiking. I’ll cry.

WTF, utility guys? Was it really necessary to start jackhammering at 8am? Seriously?

WTF, head? Quit messing with me.

WTF, body? Why do you insist on aching? All. The. Damn. Time. I’m too young for that.

Thoughtful Thursday


No WTF Wednesday yesterday, since most of the day was WTF.

STBXH texted me to ask if I would have Z call him when he got home from school. Ummmm, what??? Sorry, you were his stepfather, not his bio-father. There is no reason or need to continue communication with him. Sorry, not sorry. I ended up blocking his text messages. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when he finds that out.  I’m over his lies and attempts at guilt tripping me.


I’m so ready to get this divorce finalized, so we can fully cut ties. It’s not possible to move onto the next chapter of your life if you keep rereading the last one. 

I’m using the marriage as a learning experience. What I need to do to keep my current relationship healthy, what I do and do not want and what my deal breakers are.

I guess the biggest thing is that I learned a lot of red flags to watch for, even though I ignored them with STBXH. Another lesson learned: Never ignore red flags. Never. Biggest red flag of all was that he kept me and therefore, our relationship, hidden for over a year. Over. A. Year.


How on Earth was I ever OK with being hidden for over a year?!? I’ll never have an answer for that.

WTF Wednesday 10/22


WTF, body (stomach, digestive tract, whatever)? Believe it or not, I’m not trying to poison you whenever I eat, so why do you act like I am when I eat ANY starch?

Again, WTF, body? I can’t function on the hour’s worth of sleep I got last night.

WTF, brain? Why do you have to come up with the most fucked up thoughts at 1am? Not freaking cool, at all.

WTF Wednesday

WTF, weather? It’s been dreary for a week now, but the day I’m supposed to go hiking, it pours?

WTF, anxiety? Quit fucking with my head. No one hates you, and they’re not mad at you.

WTF, BCSE, I know money is being taken out of XH’s check, so why haven’t I gotten it yet?

WTF, dreams? Quit playing head games. Not gonna happen.

It’s early, so I’m positive I’ll be able to add more later